Ensuring Supply Chain Integrity in
Critical Industries

Securing Critical Supply Chains

In today's complex global supply chains, validating the authenticity and security of critical components is more important than ever. Counterfeit parts, tampering, and diversion can lead to catastrophic failures in industries like financial services, communications, data privacy, aerospace, defense, and pharmaceuticals.

The issue is even more critical in the semiconductor industry, which supports and underpins 24% of the U.S. GDP. Semiconductors are essential to national and economic security and are key to future "must-win" technologies, including artificial intelligence and 5G. The $52 Billion CHIPS Act, which seeks to further economic and national security, is not only about bringing production to the U.S. but also ensuring complete supply chain integrity from end-to-end.

You'll have confidence that mission-critical parts were authentically sourced, securely transported, and arrived unmodified and that your supply chain integrity is protected against threats like:

• Counterfeit or tampered components
• Theft and diversion of goods
• Cyberattacks and data manipulation

Tracer Validation Department of Defense

The Department of Defense considers assuring the security and protection of intellectual property a top priority and is actively looking for ways to avoid supply chain exploitation or the loss of intellectual property. The CHIPS Act will provide billions in funding for projects that demonstrate resilience measures to protect physical infrastructure and supplier ecosystems, as well as risk management strategies to avoid supply chain threats.

"Such measures will likely include supply chain stress analysis, expanded supplier mapping into 2nd Tier and further suppliers, third-party continuous monitoring, and mandatory redundancy and agility policies."

This is where Tracer Validation comes in.

Our innovative end-to-end validation solution establishes an unbreakable chain of custody for critical components. Proprietary technology integrates layered security, creating an unalterable digital fingerprint for each item. Combined with our proprietary validation software, Tracer provides complete visibility and verification throughout the supply chain journey - from your facilities to your customer's sites.

Complete Visibility for Supply Chain Confidence

Tracer Validation Chips Act

Our Supply Chain Solution offers a competitive edge for CHIPS Act funding.

We apply unique digital fingerprints at the point of manufacture to trace and verify semiconductor authenticity across the entire supply chain.

The Tracer system is:

  • Simple to deploy and operationally effective

  • Engineered so that it does not affect performance

  • Affordable to the manufacturer, distributor, and end customer

  • Designed to enable an end-to-end chain of custody validation for new products

  • Integral to ensuring that products are delivered as designed

  • Able to evolve with the product lifecycle

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Physical Proof,
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